Bodyweight Burn SystemHave you seen the very cool workout program by Adam Steer called Bodyweight Burn? Or, perhaps I should have started out by asking, “Have you heard of body weight exercises?” Because these are exercises that use your OWN body weight as the resistance instead of the need to use weights and equipment, and you don’t have to go to a gym.

It’s already sounding good, isn’t it? That’s what I thought, too!

Here Is My Bodyweight Burn Review:

Adam Steer is known as “The Bodyweight Coach,” and he got my attention by saying 2 things: 1) I wouldn’t have to go to a gym or use equipment (both of which I really don’t enjoy – especially the “going to the gym” part since I find it embarrassing), and 2) It would only take about 21 minutes!

I looked again. Did I read that correctly? ONLY ABOUT 21 MINUTES PER WORKOUT?

AND… he continues: this workout plan, combined with better eating habits (yes, I needed to hear that as I put down the toast with butter and jam…) can help me stoke up my metabolism by 67%.

So, why not try it?

Adam calls his system the “BW3 MultiBurn,” which translates to “Body weight 3x Fat-Burn Multiplier Effect.” In this he has 3 very specific exercise methods that, once you start implementing this, will keep your metabolism helping to burn fat all the time. 24/7.

The exercises may look simple, but do not be deceived! Remember, you are using your own body weight to hold up and move around during these! And, we’re talking about MUCH more than just some sit-ups or push-ups.

In fact, take a look at this video to have a glimpse of some examples of what non-equipment, and exercises look like, and then come back to this article, understanding that this is just an example, as seen in this review of Bodyweight Burn.

But, is Bodyweight Burn for you?

If you have been struggling unsuccessfully with calorie and fat restricted diets, and have been walking for your exercise, like every day, but haven’t seen the scale (or your tight-fitting clothes) budge, I’d bet you’d like this.

If you’re tired of not seeing that scale budge despite your efforts, you might like this!

If you’re willing to commit to even a few weeks – please – just TRY it for a few weeks – to see if you feel and look any different (and, from personal experience, I HAVE felt and seen a difference), you might feel like I do and never look back to the old way of doing exercise.

If you have found that you cannot complete some of the difficult moves found in some of the high-intensity programs out there, you might like this.

And, I should add that this is affordable!

Okay, so what are the down-sides to Bodyweight Burn?

Well, there are only a few that I could think up. For example, if you were hoping for a way to build muscles for bodybuilding purposes – for bulk, then this is not quite the right workout, because it concentrates on building lean and toned muscle. For me, that’s fine, because I’m not into bodybuilding and competition. But, if that’s what you are hoping for, then it’s just not going to be enough.

One of the suggestions is to incorporate an occasional 24-hour fast. I like to eat. BUT, Adam is also quick to say that he’s aware that this might be difficult for some, so if you can’t fast for 24-hours on occasion, he says to consider making one day a very light, low-carb day. Considering that a lot of carbs aren’t that good for us anyway (what was I saying earlier about my toast and jam? Ha ha), this wouldn’t harm me!

What do you get with Bodyweight Burn?

You’ll get the easy-to-follow videos – remember, this is instant access download program! So you can follow along at any time, day or night.Bodyweight Burn Examples

You’ll get the pdf guide that will explain EVERYTHING to you – the science, the instructions, the tracking journals (trust me, you’re going to want to track this!) – everything!

You’ll get support to answer any questions you might have.

Oh, and this is important: You’ll get a rock-solid 60-day guarantee if you don’t like it!

So, if the idea of using only your own body weight to help you begin to really burn fat – perhaps for the first time in a loooooong time, then order Bodyweight Burn today and see what it can do for you!

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