Tips And Tricks To A Faster Metabolism

Woman Standing on Scale --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Woman Standing on Scale — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Anyone who is at the age (or mental maturity) by which people tend to begin watching their figures or overall health has heard that the key to staying in shape is largely related to a fast metabolism. For some, memories of grandparents jokingly expressing jealousy at the youthful metabolic rates and the carefree, lackadaisical lifestyles associated quickly rush to mind.

Although it is not uncommon to be aware from a relatively young age that a faster metabolism leads to a thinner figure, it’s equally common to be pretty puzzled about how best to maintain a well-tuned system, or how to know what is acceptable to eat and what foods should simply be gazed upon longingly.

Metabolism is a chemical process by which foods and drinks taken in are broken down from apples and orange juice to the energy used to keep chugging along each day. The rate at which these foods are broken down do vary from person to person, as well as situation to situation. When the body is at rest (reading, watching tv, sleeping, etc), it is consistently going through the process of using that energy to keep alive and awake. The basal metabolic rate is significantly less than the metabolic rate of an exercising body.

Is There a Secret to a Fast Metabolism?

Everyone loves ice cream and still wants to look good at the beach, but sadly there is no one secret to a system that runs on high all the time. There are, however, quite a few smaller methods by which people keep their bodies burning food off as energy. These may not be one big secret, but they are pretty easy ways to work on the figure and the big secret is that for anyone who tries using these in their daily lives, they will work.

To make it as simple as possible, we can break things down into a numbered list of three activities and mentalities to keep up with daily.

1. Breakfast

raspberries-423194_1280This is something that some people swear by while others opt to sleep in and wait to eat until lunch. “The early bird gets the worm,” is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about whether breakfast is important. In this case, the worm is a metabolism that starts burning calories as quickly as possible. Skipping that last half hour of sleep in favor of breakfast makes a difference.

Eating a light breakfast ensures that a body’s chemistry is aware that the individual is awake and that food is not scarce, jump-starting the body and starting to burn calories. Skipping breakfast tricks the body into believing there is no food, so it’s best to burn energy slowly in case no food turns up soon.

2. No Crash Dieting

That starvation mode the body enters when skipping breakfast can still happen after a sufficient length of time has passed without caloric intake. For that reason, eating a breakfast and a dinner are both imperative, while snacking in small amounts throughout the day can help keep the body chemistry burning. If a body knows that food is not in any shortage, it will burn as much energy as it can, making it easier to work off.

3. Exercising

jumping ropeThis is the part that people tend to ask for a secret to avoid, but exercise really is the golden ticket to lasting health. After the body has gotten a good caloric burn from cardio, the basal metabolic rate still works at a faster rate than if no exercise had been gotten that day. That means that a good morning jog will help burn calories throughout the work day.

Another thing to remember is that a pound of muscle burns more than a pound of fat, so focusing on body weight is futile. Muscle weighs more than fat, so body weight is not indicative of overall health. A fit body will have sufficient muscle to help burn the calories that many bodies don’t.

The only other secret is intensity. The more intense the exercise, the better metabolic benefits will be seen. Give 100% to exercising in 20 second intervals with 10 second rest periods in between to burn calories the fastest. Between healthy eating, constant feeding and sufficient exercise, there will be no need to envy the young at all.

Keeping these in mind ensures a body that burns energy as quickly as possible.

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